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Contests and Raffles

Congratulations to Brandon and Clara, winners of our herp roundup wordfind contest. Good job on a difficult puzzle. Both recieved beautiful sub-adult crested geckos. This contest was open to our 12 and under members. The answer key is now available on line in the FUN section.


Clara was the winner of our gecko crossword contest and received a pair of viper geckos. Congratulations Clara! This contest was open to our 12 and under members who were present at the November meeting. In the future, we will be having similar contests that will only be announced at meetings. So, attend the meetings, bring the kids, meet old friends, make new friends, discuss reptiles, and maybe win a contest and prizes.

"The LIHS raffle was held at the November 18th LIHS meeting. First prize of the complete set-up including the Eco-Terra tank went to Elliot Kurtz of Mount Sinai, NY. Elliot who is not an LIHS member (yet?) bought his ticket at the LIHS show in October. Second prize of the 20 gallon long tank with screen top went to LIHS member John Heiser who bought tickets at the LIHS show in October and at the LIHS November meeting. John bought his lucky winning ticket at the LIHS November meeting. Third prize, the digital hygrometer/thermometer went to Douglas S. who also bought his lucky ticket at the November LIHS meeting. All in all there were 122 tickets sold out of a maximum of 150 that had been up for sale. The total cost of the raffle prizes was $303, and that means after the items were paid for, there was a remainder of $63 that was donated to the LIHS to help keep the society going. Thanks to all of you who took part in the raffle."

All the best,
Glenn B

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