·        Exhibition/Show OPEN to the Public ( must pay admission fee to enter the show, but there is no fee to enter the exhibition/show )


·        No ENTRY FEE


·      All animals MUST be on display by 11:00 AM


·      Animals must be healthy


·      No juvenile animals


·      LIHS Officers and Show Judges have FINAL SAY on what animals will or will not be admitted to the contest


·      Animals must remain on display the entire day in order to be eligible for judging


·      ALL animals must be in containers that can be viewed by the public

o       Clear front cages are a must


·      ALL cages must be “CLEAN” and “SECURE”

·      ALL cages must be the appropriate size for the animals

·      Animals MUST be displayed 1 ( one ) per cage, unless permission is granted by an LIHS Officer


·      Absolutely NO VENOMOUS or DEVENOMIZED animals permitted


·      NO SELLING from the Exhibition/Show Tables ( anyone attempting to do so, will be charged a VENDOR TABLE fee






·        Top 3 in each sub-category ( i.e., Snake: Colubrid, Tri or Bi-color, Boas & Pythons, Miscellaneous )



·        Best of Show: top winner in the 4 categories ( Snake, Lizard, Turtle/Tortoise, Amphibian )


·        Grand Champion: winner selected from the 4 winners in Best of Show




LIHS Reptile & Amphibian Categories



1)      Colubrid ( American rat snakes, Corn snakes, Kingsnakes, Pine snakes, Gophers, etc. )


2)      Tri or Bi-color Colubrid ( Grey bands, Milk snakes, etc. )


3)      Boas & Pythons


4)       Miscellaneous Snakes (Garters, etc.


5)      Monitors & Tegus


6)      Iguanids


7)      Green Iguanas


8)      Agamids


9)      Skinks


10)  Chameleons


11)  Geckos


12)  Miscellaneous Lizards


13)  Aquatic


14)  Semi-Aquatic


15)  Tortoises


16)  Frogs & Toads

17)  Salamanders, Newts, Sirens, etc.




KIDS OPEN CATEGORY ( 13 & under )

Same categories and rules apply


Kid’s Entry Winners will receive:


·        Ribbons

§         Top 3 Winners in each category

·        Trophies

§         Overall “BEST ENTRIES” ( Top 3 from KIDS OPEN CATEGORY )

Kid’s ENTRIES cannot be entered in ADULT CATEGORY as well